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So you want to video – How to series – Screencast-o-matic Recording Size and Formats (part 2 of 10)


Choosing the right screen size for you video is important and the quality of the recording will also help to make it look a little more professional. In this video I’ll show you how to choose screen dimensions for recording on screen, Switching between Medium HD and Full […]

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WordPress: Adding Pages to custom Menus


When you create a new page in WordPress and it doesn’t show up on your website, it could be a simple menu issue. This process will show you how to get your WordPress page to show up on your website. How to video for adding a page […]

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So you want to video – How to series – Screencast-o-matic for Screencasting (part 1 of 10)


I keep telling my clients to use video in their content marketing strategy, it’s such a great way to communicate a message. You can get to know someone and build trust with that person. I’ve put together a how to video series for getting started with video, […]

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How To Make Videos for YouTube


I’ve been asked many times what my video setup is and how I go about making videos for my website. It’s a strategy I recommend for my clients, because I think it’s such a great way to tell a story and build trust with your audience, so […]

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How to Create a 301 redirect link for WordPress


Ever tried to share a link verbally and realise it would be too hard to remember? How do you get someone to find your Facebook page? Let’s say you meet with someone and want them to Like you on Facebook, what do you tell them to do? […]

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Interview with Loren Bartley from @impactiv8

impactiv8 - Slide13-300x225

At the Problogger conference I met with Loren Bartley from Impactiv8, we did a short interview at the event and this follow up interview I discovered more about how Loren began in Social Media. We discuss her consulting and workshops that turned into Impactiv8, which was also the result […]

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Interview with Annabel Candy


I had the pleasure of chatting with Annabel Candy yesterday, she is the blogger behind Get In The Hotspot and Successful Blogging. Annabel has also been awarded ‘Top 10 Blogger of 2012‘, which is no mean feat considering the amount of bloggers online today. We have a […]

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Interview with Belinda from @copywritemattrs


I met Belinda some time ago, it was through Twitter and then in person at the Small Business Networking meetups, the Problogger training events (both last year and this year) and we’ve even caught up with a small group to make home brew beer. Belinda is one […]

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Interview with Tash Hughs from Word Constructions


I was joined by Tash Hughs to discuss copywriting and her thoughts on the Problogger Training Event. You can find Tash via her website or on Twitter. Virtual tickets are still available, get yours here.

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Interview with Shayne Tilley

Image courtesy of Neil Creek

  At the Problogger conference I met with many people, but missed out on meeting up with many more. Shayne Tilley was one of those I missed meeting at the event. I did see Shayne present on ‘Marketing your products, from launch to long tail’, but not […]

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