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Interview with Rebecca Gonzalez from Mid-Century Modern Remodel

mid-century modern remodel

This is the first interview for the 30 interviews in 30 days challenge I’ve set myself. Rebecca, a Californian, was a virtual attendee of the Problogger event and joined the Facebook group to connect with others. As a blogger for just over 18 months, she is looking […]

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Engage to grow


‘Build it and they will come’ is not a great marketing strategy. You will need to keep persevering with marketing efforts to encourage people to visit your website. This means fresh, new and relevant content on a regular basis, but what is possibly even more important is the social […]

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Getting ready for a challenge


I’ve embarked on a challenge, which will be help to keep the Problogger community motivated to stay on track with their immediate blogging goals. However I’m also looking to find out about the magic that happens behind a blog. If you missed the post from the other […]

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Woxom Slingshot Phone Stabilizer – Unboxing and Review


Video is an excellent medium for communicating with your audience, however if you don’t have a steady hand your videos can come out a little shaky. With the improvements in smart phone cameras, it make sense to use what you have. I’ve been recommending to my clients they record […]

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30 Day Problogger Event Interview Challenge


This may be the craziest thing I’ve done in blogging. Even as I type this I’m a little concerned how this could work, but I’ll worry about the how later. What interests me right now is the why. Over the next 30 days I want to video […]

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Mind Mapping with Mindeister Introduction


I’ve talked about Mindmeister in a previous post, so thought it worthwhile to actually do a short video introduction to this cloud based product, so you have a better idea of how to use it. Mind mapping is so powerful and can really help with identifying all […]

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Melbourne’s Blogging community is strong and passionate


Last weekend I attended my second Problogger Training Event, which was a two day conference to learn about blogging. This was the second Problogger event I’ve attended. Last year was a one day event and had lots going on, so much so that it left little time […]

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Use a Feed Reader


Use a feed reader to keep up to date with all your favorite news sources and blogs. Go to one source rather than multiple sources so you can read your news. Customise your feeds to be relevant to you.     Google Reader Flipboard Android Flipboard iOS

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Subscribe to influencers


Lots of people can provide the theory of how to grow your network, but what it really takes is truly understanding motivations behind your industry and what drives people to search and purchase your product or service. When you follow the influencers in your industry it is […]

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Make Twitter easier to follow by using lists


When you follow many people it can be difficult to remember where they are from or why you even followed them in the first place. Using Twitter lists you can group people with similar interests. We use the following lists to help manage our Twitter account; Success […]

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