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YouTube Creator Academy


Video, it’s powerful. It allows you to engage with your audience in natural way. Given the choice of reading a long article or watching a short video, with the same message, which would you prefer? What do you think your customers would prefer? Video doesn’t have to […]

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WordPress: Adding Pages to custom Menus


When you create a new page in WordPress and it doesn’t show up on your website, it could be a simple menu issue. This process will show you how to get your WordPress page to show up on your website. How to video for adding a page […]

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How to Create a 301 redirect link for WordPress


Ever tried to share a link verbally and realise it would be too hard to remember? How do you get someone to find your Facebook page? Let’s say you meet with someone and want them to Like you on Facebook, what do you tell them to do? […]

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Interview with Loren Bartley from @impactiv8

impactiv8 - Slide13-300x225

At the Problogger conference I met with Loren Bartley from Impactiv8, we did a short interview at the event and this follow up interview I discovered more about how Loren began in Social Media. We discuss her consulting and workshops that turned into Impactiv8, which was also the result […]

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Interview with Shayne Tilley

Image courtesy of Neil Creek

  At the Problogger conference I met with many people, but missed out on meeting up with many more. Shayne Tilley was one of those I missed meeting at the event. I did see Shayne present on ‘Marketing your products, from launch to long tail’, but not […]

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Get Educated and Motivated by Listening to Podcasts


Podcasts are a audio programs that are downloadable, so you can listen at your leisure. They’re a great source for industry news and can be a great educational and motivational tool. As a small business owner, keeping up with industry trends, news and general information can be […]

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