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Why do you do what you do?


Reddit, a social networking site, is equally evil and awesome. I can explain Reddit in more detail in another post, but just be aware that once you climb down that rabbit hole, you may not want to come out. At times I have really negative views on […]

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Interview with Loren Bartley from @impactiv8

impactiv8 - Slide13-300x225

At the Problogger conference I met with Loren Bartley from Impactiv8, we did a short interview at the event and this follow up interview I discovered more about how Loren began in Social Media. We discuss her consulting and workshops that turned into Impactiv8, which was also the result […]

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Get Educated and Motivated by Listening to Podcasts


Podcasts are a audio programs that are downloadable, so you can listen at your leisure. They’re a great source for industry news and can be a great educational and motivational tool. As a small business owner, keeping up with industry trends, news and general information can be […]

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