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Mind Mapping with Mindeister Introduction


I’ve talked about Mindmeister in a previous post, so thought it worthwhile to actually do a short video introduction to this cloud based product, so you have a better idea of how to use it. Mind mapping is so powerful and can really help with identifying all […]

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Choosing a domain name for your website


Thinking about choosing a domain name for your website? Some words can be ambiguous  so they may be misspelled when entering into the address bar, other words may be too long or too hard to spell, so make sure you consider these when selecting your domain name. In […]

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Save all your notes with Evernote


Ever find yourself scratching your head trying to find a note you wrote on a scrap piece of paper? Maybe it was a really important phone number and now you have no idea where it is? No need to worry anymore. Save all your notes in a […]

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Mind Mapping

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