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RPPfm – Taking Care of Business – Get Digital or Die

John Young RPPfm

In February I was on RPPfm’s business show, Taking Care of Business, on the subject of Get Digital or Die. In the studio was Jacki Mitchell (host) and¬†Jessica Humphreys from Social Concepts. We covered a lot to do with digital marketing and social media for your business. […]

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Time Saving Tool: Buffer


Do you want an easier solution for posting to social media accounts, one that will allow you to schedule posts hours, days or weeks in advance? Spreading your posts or tweets over a day or week makes more sense than posting many links in one bulk hit […]

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How to Create a 301 redirect link for WordPress


Ever tried to share a link verbally and realise it would be too hard to remember? How do you get someone to find your Facebook page? Let’s say you meet with someone and want them to Like you on Facebook, what do you tell them to do? […]

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Interview with Belinda from @copywritemattrs


I met Belinda some time ago, it was through Twitter and then in person at the Small Business Networking meetups, the Problogger training events (both last year and this year) and we’ve even caught up with a small group to make home brew beer. Belinda is one […]

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Make Twitter easier to follow by using lists


When you follow many people it can be difficult to remember where they are from or why you even followed them in the first place. Using Twitter lists you can group people with similar interests. We use the following lists to help manage our Twitter account; Success […]

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The Facebook news feed


Posting to your Facebook page is one thing, but if you don’t have the ‘likes’ you won’t show up in news feeds. Aim for likes so you’re visible.    

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Join a discussion, try LinkedIn


Do you participate or sit on the sidelines? If you expect people to find you, without you stepping forward and letting them know you’re there, you may be a little disappointed. How can you help boost your profile? Join an online discussion group and answer some questions, […]

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