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How Do You Know If Your Website Is Working?

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If you have a website it’s important for people to find you. When using the right keywords, creating content and engaging on social media can bring people to your website – but are you measuring this? Do you know how many people go to your website, where […]

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Interview on Radio Port Phillip RPPfm 98.7 May 2013

Radio Port Pillip, John Young, Young Digital Group, May 2013

How Do I Get Found Online? That was the topic I was interviewed on RPP today with Piers and Paul on the Beyond Infinity program, you can listen now through the player. Download MP3 52MB – (Right Click and choose ‘Save As’) Many businesses I’ve spoken with […]

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Monitor traffic to your website to learn what’s working and what’s not working


Using Google Analytics you can monitor traffic on your website, from the most pages visited, to how long people are staying on your site, the keywords people use to find your site and much more. This data is key to helping you improve your website and finding […]

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Use Pay Per Click advertising for fast traffic


Search Engine Optimisation can take a while before you see real benefit. If you want to fast track and get traffic quicker, you can use Pay Per Click advertising, which is where you pay for your ad to be shown when certain keywords are used. When someone […]

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