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How to Create a 301 redirect link for WordPress

Ever tried to share a link verbally and realise it would be too hard to remember? How do you get someone to find your Facebook page? Let’s say you meet with someone and want them to Like you on Facebook, what do you tell them to do?

Using a plugin in WordPress called Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin you can create a simple link to send people to a longer link or to a site of your choice.

Let’s use the Young Digital Group Facebook page as the example, I could tell people to search for “Young Digital Group” in Facebook and they should be able to find me (but what if they don’t?), I could also say go to my website and look for the Facebook button (which they may not see) or I could create a simple link which sends them to the page.

So here is the Facebook page link,, which is a little long and going to be hard to explain. Using the Quick Page/Post WordPress plugin, I can create a link call and it will take you to the Facebook page. This makes it easier for your customers when you’re speaking with them, just tell them to go to yourwebsite/shortlink, eg yourwebsite/twitter and it will take them to your Twitter page.

To set this up takes only a few minutes, this video walks through how you can do it.



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