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Last weekend I attended my second Problogger Training Event, which was a two day conference to learn about blogging. This was the second Problogger event I’ve attended. Last year was a one day event and had lots going on, so much so that it left little time for networking. This year was different, and better, with two full days and decent breaks during the day, there was much more time to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

Prior to the 2011 Problogger Training Event, I had created a Twitter list of everyone I knew would be there. It was a great decision, because many people then recognised me at the event as ‘the list guy’, which was a conversation starter. This year I decided to make another Twitter list, as a networking tool and also as a conversation starter. It worked as expected. People recognised my face and a few asked “have we met?” – yes we had, though only virtually. It is so great to see the power of social media connecting people in real life (who would have guessed that?).

Left: John Young, Young Digital Group
Right: Darren Rowse, Problogger

The breaks allowed plenty of time to chat and barely was there a time where I was alone. I made a few new friends and new potential business contacts.  Through my event tweeting I also met someone that lives down the same street as me, something that would never have happened had I not been active on Twitter during the day.

Whilst all sessions were informative, there were two stand outs which I think deserve a mention. Jules Clancy from The Stone Soup talked about memberships and courses, which is something I’m looking at incorporating into this site. Her insight was really helpful. If a membership site is something you’re considering, I recommend listening to her session. The other session was Darren Rowse’s (aka Problogger) How to use email to drive traffic, build community and make money, there was so much useful information that I’ll be applying to my email campaigns immediately (which you can join over here). Darren’s session is also worth listening to.

Here are some thoughts from the day (via Twitter), there are too many good ones to put on this post, so I’ve just selected a few.

When I had the opportunity, I did some video interviews with other bloggers, to get a feel for how they will apply something learnt during the event. The main question I asked was,

What was something you learned that you will take away and immediately apply to your blog?

Here are their stories.

Want to know what all the fuss is about with the Problogger Training Event? There are virtual tickets available so you can access all the session audio and slideshows.

  • Jeanie

    oh, I didn’t realise there was a twitter list. Brilliant!
    Great videos. I loved watching the twitter stream, and adding to it. Fantastic two days.

    • Young Digital Group

      It’s great because those that didn’t tweet or use the hashtag can still be found. There was heaps going on in the Twitter stream, it’s great to see there’s still lot’s of discussion about the event.

  • Tash Hughes

    Some good examples of the many tweets flying around at pbevent, John. I also enjoyed the sessions you listed, too – and a number of others :)

    • Young Digital Group

      There were too many good tweets, I had to just look at what I had retweeted during the event and use some of those. There are probably multiple posts to be written just from the tweet stream.

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