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Switch between Facebook Personal Profile and Facebook Page

When you sign up for Facebook you are creating a profile, which are designed to be people connecting with family and friends. Facebook also allows businesses to sign up, however a business will create a Facebook Page, not a personal profile. This process walks through how to switch between a personal profile and a business page, if you have one or more linked to your account.

Log into Facebook


The first page after logging in will be your (personal profile) Facebook wall.

Confirm who is logged in


Review the name, this is the logged in account (just to make sure this is your personal profile)

View available pages


Click on the settings link (the cog on the top right), this will show a list of any Facebook Pages you admin. Change to the Facebook page by clicking on the page name in the list.

Facebook Page


After clicking on the link in the settings section, you will land on the admin panel of the page. In the top right section it will display the name of the page you are logged into.

Post to your Facebook Page


Scroll down the page and then add your status.
Now you’re posting to your Facebook Page.

Switch back to your personal profile


Click on the settings link again and choose your profile from the list.