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Video Tutorial: How To Embed a YouTube Video on Your WordPress Blog


Video is a powerful medium which is why I use it a lot and recommend to my clients. YouTube is an excellent way of storing your video, it has a large audience and they take care of all the files and video player, so you don’t need […]

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Episode 2 Video Blogging For Business


We’re back with another episode of Video Blogging for Business, this week Ray and I talk about the changing environment of the buying process. Where it used to be the sales person with all the knowledge to help make your decision, the customer now has the power […]

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Interview on Radio Port Phillip RPPfm 98.7 May 2013

Radio Port Pillip, John Young, Young Digital Group, May 2013

How Do I Get Found Online? That was the topic I was interviewed on RPP today with Piers and Paul on the Beyond Infinity program, you can listen now through the player. Download MP3 52MB – (Right Click and choose ‘Save As’) Many businesses I’ve spoken with […]

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Episode 1 Video Blogging For Business


We’ve joined up with Video Blogging for Business to bring you helpful advice on how to use video in your content marketing strategy, but also to communicate with your existing client base. This is the first hangout with Ray Brown and John Young to introduce ourselves and […]

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Tools To Publish Your Content

Yesterday I posted about creating content for your website because many people ask me what content they should create. The next part of the discussion generally leads to a time issue, where they don’t have enough of it to ‘create’ content. This is generally because they may […]

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What Do You Mean By Content?


I asked this question often. What is content, particularly in the context of online marketing? Content is a message, an idea, an emotion etc which is distributed in many formats, it could be an article, an image, an audio recording or video. This is content. This article […]

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Interview with Annabel Candy


I had the pleasure of chatting with Annabel Candy yesterday, she is the blogger behind Get In The Hotspot and Successful Blogging. Annabel has also been awarded ‘Top 10 Blogger of 2012‘, which is no mean feat considering the amount of bloggers online today. We have a […]

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Interview with Rebecca Gonzalez from Mid-Century Modern Remodel

mid-century modern remodel

This is the first interview for the 30 interviews in 30 days challenge I’ve set myself. Rebecca, a Californian, was a virtual attendee of the Problogger event and joined the Facebook group to connect with others. As a blogger for just over 18 months, she is looking […]

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Getting ready for a challenge


I’ve embarked on a challenge, which will be help to keep the Problogger community motivated to stay on track with their immediate blogging goals. However I’m also looking to find out about the magic that happens behind a blog. If you missed the post from the other […]

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30 Day Problogger Event Interview Challenge


This may be the craziest thing I’ve done in blogging. Even as I type this I’m a little concerned how this could work, but I’ll worry about the how later. What interests me right now is the why. Over the next 30 days I want to video […]

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