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Interview on Radio Port Phillip RPPfm 98.7 May 2013

Radio Port Pillip, John Young, Young Digital Group, May 2013

How Do I Get Found Online? That was the topic I was interviewed on RPP today with Piers and Paul on the Beyond Infinity program, you can listen now through the player. Download MP3 52MB – (Right Click and choose ‘Save As’) Many businesses I’ve spoken with […]

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What Do You Mean By Content?


I asked this question often. What is content, particularly in the context of online marketing? Content is a message, an idea, an emotion etc which is distributed in many formats, it could be an article, an image, an audio recording or video. This is content. This article […]

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Add keywords to your images so they can be found


Using a keyword in an image name is much better than leaving as IMG1234.jpg. When you name the image you are helping the search engines, because they can’t read an image, only the text which describes the image. The better you can describe the image the better […]

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