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We Recommend LastPass and Google Authenticator for Secure Password Management

Are you using the same password for multiple user accounts? having trouble remembering all your username and password combinations? forgetting usernames or passwords and have to reset them? This course will help you. This course uses a tool for your browser called LastPass which remembers your passwords […]

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How to send a MailChimp Campaign

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If email marketing is part of your online strategy (which I highly recommend), it’s best if you use an email marketing program which will take care of most of the grunt work. There are many email systems you could use, some paid and some free. It comes […]

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Time Saving Tool: Buffer


Do you want an easier solution for posting to social media accounts, one that will allow you to schedule posts hours, days or weeks in advance? Spreading your posts or tweets over a day or week makes more sense than posting many links in one bulk hit […]

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Switch between Facebook Personal Profile and Facebook Page


When you sign up for Facebook you are creating a profile, which are designed to be people connecting with family and friends. Facebook also allows businesses to sign up, however a business will create a Facebook Page, not a personal profile. This process walks through how to […]

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Helping Customers Navigate The Online Maze

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Recently we worked with Christina from Satya Live Yoga, she has developed yoga video courses, delivered to your inbox everyday for 21 days. We assisted with setting up the mechanics of the purchase process and how the courses are delivered.  In addition to the setup we also […]

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Video Tutorial: How to Make an Image a Link in WordPress

Does this look dull? Download MP3 Why not use an image instead, like this: It’s easier than you think to setup, just follow the process in this video  

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Video Tutorial: How To Force Download an MP3 File Instead of Streaming


Show me the video A word of warning for the reader, this post will get very techie, I wanted to force download an MP3 file, instead of streaming, the solution requires good knowledge of WordPress, Servers and computer coding. I do explain every step as clearly as […]

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Video Tutorial: How To Embed a YouTube Video on Your WordPress Blog


Video is a powerful medium which is why I use it a lot and recommend to my clients. YouTube is an excellent way of storing your video, it has a large audience and they take care of all the files and video player, so you don’t need […]

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