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How Do You Know If Your Website Is Working?

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If you have a website it’s important for people to find you. When using the right keywords, creating content and engaging on social media can bring people to your website – but are you measuring this? Do you know how many people go to your website, where […]

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What Do You Mean By Content?


I asked this question often. What is content, particularly in the context of online marketing? Content is a message, an idea, an emotion etc which is distributed in many formats, it could be an article, an image, an audio recording or video. This is content. This article […]

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How To Make Videos for YouTube


I’ve been asked many times what my video setup is and how I go about making videos for my website. It’s a strategy I recommend for my clients, because I think it’s such a great way to tell a story and build trust with your audience, so […]

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Choosing a domain name for your website


Thinking about choosing a domain name for your website? Some words can be ambiguous  so they may be misspelled when entering into the address bar, other words may be too long or too hard to spell, so make sure you consider these when selecting your domain name. In […]

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Testimonial from The Yoga House

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We built the Yoga House’s website, they are really pleased with it. They’re getting some great feedback from their customers. Here is a video testimonial from Anna.   The Yoga House Website

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