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Video Tutorial: How To Force Download an MP3 File Instead of Streaming


Show me the video A word of warning for the reader, this post will get very techie, I wanted to force download an MP3 file, instead of streaming, the solution requires good knowledge of WordPress, Servers and computer coding. I do explain every step as clearly as […]

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Tools To Publish Your Content

Yesterday I posted about creating content for your website because many people ask me what content they should create. The next part of the discussion generally leads to a time issue, where they don’t have enough of it to ‘create’ content. This is generally because they may […]

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WordPress: Adding Pages to custom Menus


When you create a new page in WordPress and it doesn’t show up on your website, it could be a simple menu issue. This process will show you how to get your WordPress page to show up on your website. How to video for adding a page […]

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How to Create a 301 redirect link for WordPress


Ever tried to share a link verbally and realise it would be too hard to remember? How do you get someone to find your Facebook page? Let’s say you meet with someone and want them to Like you on Facebook, what do you tell them to do? […]

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