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What Do You Mean By Content?

I asked this question often. What is content, particularly in the context of online marketing?

Content is a message, an idea, an emotion etc which is distributed in many formats, it could be an article, an image, an audio recording or video.

This is content. This article you’re reading now, it’s content for my website designed for you. I’m creating a message to help you, the reader. You can do the same for your business. It’s not too hard, it just takes some forethought and a little time. Do you have 15 mins everyday you could post something? If you can’t write an article, can you take a photo with a short description?

Here are some simple content creation ideas you can do, which will help improve the ranking of your website (provided you use the right keywords) and can help build an engaged audience.


Get writing – do what if you’re not a ‘writer’ or not great at it. The best way to learn is just to start writing.

What happened yesterday in your business that someone else may find interesting?

What question about a product did you answer, which other people should be aware of, could you write about?

Did a customer say something nice, what was it and why?

Are there multiple applications for a product you sell? Write about it.

Even if it’s only 100 words it’s something. Over time you will get more comfortable with writing and may write more.


Are you having an interesting discussion with your team or one of your customers? Why not record it? Pull out your smartphone, go to an audio recorder app and hit record. Just start talking and forget about the recording. Then you could have it edited and posted to your website. Here is where some people get stuck, they think it’s too hard to do themselves – so don’t! Outsource the editing to someone who knows what they’re doing – it can actually be much cheaper than you think.

Once you have the audio, get a transcript as well, Google loves text.


Take a photo. Easy right? Has your store changed layout? Do you have new products in stock? Take a photo, post it to your blog and make a note about it. Remember to share it with your social networks


This one is a little harder than the others – but not too much. If you have a smartphone you can most likely record video.

Pick up a product from your store, start recording and start talking about it. What does it do, how does it work and who is it for?

Don’t have a product as such? No problem, record something while you are working, let’s say you’re a plumber, while you are fixing a sink, record what you do. It may not sound all the interesting, but if it helps to explain exactly what you do, it can help someone make a decision to contact you.

Here’s a video I made yesterday, there were a number of takes (I think around 11), then I edited, which was about 20 mins, then I uploaded to YouTube. If you’re not comfortable with editing, again you can outsource.

The message is simple, create content (a message), as often as you can so you can tell your story to potential customers.

  • Bridie Jenner

    I love the fact you mention having your audio transcribed – it’s a really easy way to repurpose your content. You can also do the same with video, but never rely on YouTube to do it for you – I’ve seen some horrific results!

    • John Young

      Love that word repurpose – take one piece of content and turn it into multiple forms. Transcription adds so much value to audio and video recordings.

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